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GovernanceNRCPD is governed by a board which sets policy, spending priorities and strategic direction.

Board members act as the guardian of professional standards for the industry. Their decisions are supported by information and guidance provided by our professional standards advisors. The board is committed to making sure that deaf people, service providers and employers can access high quality communication services where ever they are in the UK.

The board is supported by professional bodies that participate in the NRCPD Practitioners' Forum. Here the full range of regulated professionals' views are discussed and fed formally and collectively into our decision making. Practitioners' Forum member organisations sign up to a Memorandum of Understanding, which gives the organisation direct, bi-annual meetings with our staff.

The board gets its authority from the Signature Board of Trustees, which established NRCPD in 2009 as an independent body to oversee the regulation of communication professionals. Signature Trustees set the Terms of Reference that delegate to NRCPD funds and overall responsibility for setting standards, policies and procedures for the regulation of communication professionals who work with deaf and deafblind people. NRCPD sets its own strategy and budgetary priorities and reports at agreed intervals. From 2012 it will publish an annual report on activity and progress.

The board consists of:

  • A chair, who must not be a member of the Signature Board of Trustees;
  • One member, who must be a member of the Signature Board of Trustees; and
  • Between five and seven additional members who will be recruited so the skills, expertise and experience of members enable NRCPD to meet its strategic needs.

Members serve a term of no more than three years, and may be invited to serve a second term. No Member may serve more than two terms.

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