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Professional Standards Advisors

Professional Standards Advisors Professional Standards Advisors provide technical support and advice to assist the day-to-day functioning of NRCPD ensuring that policies are implemented and standards are maintained.

Advisors are individuals with expertise, experience and status in the professional fields covered by the registers, or in the training, assessment, use and employment of registered professionals in the deaf and deafblind fields.


Role Advisors are invited to offer professional opinions either individually or collaboratively that assist NRCPD to carry out its functions. Examples of some of the tasks Advisors undertake are:

  • Confirm, where necessary, that professionals applying to register have met the required standards.
  • Carry out quality assurance checks on the registration status of members.
  • Comment on annual monitoring updates for training programmes recognised by NRCPD.
  • Oversee mapping of new programmes claiming eligibility for registration.
  • Apply and promote the Code of Conduct for registered professionals.
  • Review complaints and disciplinary issues.
  • Engage with professional associations in support of the promotion of registration.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the registration system.

Advisors are appointed on an ongoing basis and paid a small honorarium to cover their time and expenses. The overall mix of skills and experience available on the list of Advisors is reviewed against operational requirements on an annual basis.

How do I become an advisor?

How do I become an advisor? Our professional standards advisors have a wide range of skills, experience and expertise that we draw on to support our decision making. We regularly review the skills and experience mix we have access to through our professional standards advisors and recruit new advisors to make sure they can cover all the areas we need.

If you would like to be considered as a professional standards advisor or a lay advisor, please send your CV to If your skills match our advice needs, we will be in touch with more information.

Lay Advisors

Lay Advisors We also recruit people who are not experts or registered professionals to bring a public or consumer point of view that balances our decision making. We call these people 'lay advisors', most often they take part in complaint committees. If you would like to participate in our processes as a lay advisor, please contact

Our Professional Standards Advisors

Robert Adam

Rosie Addis

Lynn Delfosse

Ilan Dwek

Sarah Ellis

Shirley Farthing

Trudy Field

Julie Forward

Helen Fuller

Jean Gough

Anne Marie Graham

Frank Harrington

Clive Mason

Jayne Oakes

Elvire Roberts

Sara Scanlon

Christopher Stone

Catherine White

John Emery

Previous professional standards advisors

Roger Beeson (January 2009 - August 2014)

Lesley Kiddell-Spencer (January 2009 - February 2014)

David Wolfenden (January 2009 - February 2014)

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