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How do I register?

How do I register?

Registering with NRCPD could not be simpler. The entire process is completed online with support throughout.

Changes to registration requirements: Professional Indemnity Insurance and Enhanced Disclosure Checks

All NRCPD regulated professionals must have appropriate insurance for all the work they carry out. They must also have an enhanced disclosure certificate which is less than three years old before they apply.

From 1 August 2013 NRCPD does not need to see your insurance schedule or enhanced disclosure certificate. During the application process you will be asked to legally declare that you have valid professional indemnity insurance and an up to date enhanced disclosure check. You should have these documents available to show employers/users if requested to do so.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you make a mistake or are found to have been negligent in the services you provide, your client might claim compensation for loss or damages. In these cases professional indemnity insurance can protect you and your clients by covering legal costs and making sure compensation can be paid.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have insurance for the full registration period that covers all the work you carry out as a communication professional.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure Checks

The DBS has replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). The DBS enhanced disclosure certificate enables employers to make safer recruitment decisions by accessing information about their employees' criminal record history. It identifies those who may be unsuitable for certain work, especially when it involves children or vulnerable adults.

The DBS Policy Team is currently considering our case to confirm registrants' eligibility to have an enhanced disclosure check. We will give you an update on this as soon as we receive a response. In the meantime all NRCPD Registered communication professionals and NRCPD Trainees are required to hold an enhanced disclosure certificate which is less than three years old before they apply. Employers are responsible for making sure communication professionals are appropriately checked to work in their specific circumstances. We encourage our registrants to subscribe to the DBS update service when you next update your enhanced disclosure certificate. This means your record is kept up to date.

Getting started

On the homepage you will see a section called For communication professionals. Click on this link and you will then see Access my account. By clicking this you will have two options, Sign Up as a New User and Sign In. If you haven't used the service before, fill in all the fields under Sign Up as a New User and click sign up, your account will be set up automatically. You will receive, normally within 60 minutes, an email from confirming the account is set up, that email will include a link that you must click on to activate the account. If the email does not arrive in your inbox, it is possible your system filters might identify it as spam and send it to your spam or junk mail box.

Activating your account

Your account is ready for you to use as soon as you activate it. Sign in using the For communication professionals link on the homepage and then clicking Access my account. Under Sign In enter the email address and password you entered to set up the account.

Completing your account information

You will see five icons. Start with My Information, and progress to the Applications section. As part of your application you will be asked to complete a Fit and Proper Persons Declaration (FPPD). If you answer "yes" to any of the questions in the FPPD, we will ask you to provide the evidence outlined in the explanatory notes.

Once you've completed and saved your application form, complete and save the Declaration Section which includes confirming that you have valid professional indemnity insurance and an up to date enhanced disclosure check. Finally click the 'Submit Application' button.

If we require further information from you to support your application you will be directed to the Supporting Information section. You will be able to see when your application has been approved in the Registration Status section. If you are registering in more than one category, please submit your application only when you have completed details of all the registration categories you are applying for. Then you will be charged only the highest registration fee applicable. Separate applications will be charged individually.

Advertising your details

The information you supply in the My Information section is solely for administrative purposes, it will not be published. At the end of this section you will find an option to create an advertisement to accompany your entry on the online register. You can include a wide range of information on your advertisement including contact details and qualifications. If you work solely for an agency, or only take bookings through a particular agency this is the place to enter their contact number.

After submitting your application

We will send email confirmation of receiving your application and request from you any necessary supporting information. If your application is approved we will send you an official confirmation letter and an ID card. Your entry will appear on the online register. Updates you make to your entries will appear no more than 24 hours after submission. We will invoice you directly for your registration fee. Non payment will result in the removal of your register entry.

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