Applying to become a regulated Trainee

If you are undertaking an approved course you may be eligible to become a regulated Trainee. You can apply online at any time.

The Supportive Roles

As a Regulated Trainee, you are at the beginning of your professional career. Your knowledge and competencies are in development and it is important that you are well supported to assess and develop your personal and professional competencies to ensure you are able to manage assignments effectively.

This is achieved via specific supportive functions provided by experienced professionals who can assess your competence and scaffold your learning, in readiness for qualification and registration as a Registered Professional with NRCPD.

Historically, NRCPD has called the professional providing this assessment and support an ‘Endorsing Supervisor’.

NRCPD has now separated this role into two specific functions:

  • Practice Assessor


  • Senior Practitioner

These functions may be provided by the same person, but both roles have clear distinctions.

Practice Assessor

Your Practice Assessor will be a trained professional who is qualified to assess and endorse your skills and competence as a Regulated Trainee in one or more of the following categories:

  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Relay Intralingual Interpreter
  • BSL/English Translator

Practice Assessors are required to have the following qualifications and experience

  • 2+ years as a Registered Professional
  • Relevant qualification in assessment or education

Regulated Trainee Assessment

As a regulated Trainee, you are required to upload evidence of an initial and, then, annual assessment of your competence (see attached guidance). The assessment will evidence competence as a Regulated Trainee in:

  • Preparation for an interpreting or translation assignment
  • Delivery of either
    • a two-way interpreting assignment
    • an English to BSL translation
  • Self Evaluation of the interpreting or translation assignment

Following your assessment, you will receive support from your Senior Practitioner. This may be via face-to-face or online meetings, either one to one or in groups. It may also be in the form of email and other digital contact.

Senior Practioner

Senior Practitioners will be required to have:

  • 2 years + experience as a Registered Language Service Professional
  • Be registered with NRCPD
  • Knowledge and experience of providing mentoring services

Your Senior Practitioner will be a qualified and experienced Language Service professional, Registered with NRCPD, who is able to support and scaffold your development. The purpose of this role is to provide advice and guidance on how you can best develop your competence in a safe way; increasing your professional knowledge and experience in readiness for qualification and registration as a Registered Language Service Professional with NRCPD.

Regulated Trainee – Registration Cycle

Regulated Trainee Registration Cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my course assessor/tutor also be my Senior Practitioner?

Yes. However, you can choose to have a separate Senior Practitioner.

Is there a current list of Practice Assessors and Senior Practitioners?

NRCPD is currently developing a list of Practice Assessors and Senior Practitioners. We will soon be making specific training available to increase the pool of Practice Assessors and Senior Practitioners.

For now, we recommend engaging with the assessor of your specific course as both your Practice Assessor and Senior Practitioner.

For more information please email

Can I use my course tutorials as Senior Practitioner review meetings?

Yes. Course tutorials are a good place to reflect on your development and plan your progression.

Do I need to provide evidence of my review meetings?

Yes. We only need the dates of your review meetings and confirmation that these meetings have taken place.

Your Senior Practitioner will confirm the details on their Senior Practitioners Portal

Can I use my course assessments as my Annual Assessment?

Yes. The assessments must have been signed off, by your practice assessor, within the last three months before your registration application.

Do I need to provide evidence of my completed and passed assessment

Yes. You will be able to upload the completed assessment mark sheet(s) as part of your application.