Approved Courses

We approve courses that meet agreed professional standards. Only people who have successfully completed an approved course can join a Register.

Before we approve a course we assess its content to ensure it meets agreed professional standards and to make sure graduates are appropriately trained. If you want us to assess your course please contact us.

Approved courses for interpreters for deafblind people

Approved courses for lipspeakers

Approved courses for notetakers

  • CACDP Level 3 Certificate for LSPs working with Deaf and Deafblind People (Notetaking) (This course is not currently being offered).
  • Signature notetaking endorsement 2016

Approved courses for sign language interpreters

To become a Registered Sign Language Interpreter you need to show us that you are highly skilled in a signed language like BSL, ISL or ASL and second language that can be another signed language or a spoken language. One of those languages must be native to the UK and Ireland.

You must hold one of these interpreting qualifications.

* with additional evidence.

You must also hold one of these language qualifications.

Approved courses for sign language translators

You will need to hold a recognised Level 6 BSL qualification or equivalent.

Approved courses for speech to text reporters

  • You must have completed one of the NRCPD eligibility assessments

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