Professional standards advisors

Our professional standards advisors are people with expertise, experience and status in

  • the professions we regulate; or
  • the training, assessment, use and employment of communication and language professionals working with deaf and deafblind people.
The help us make sure our policies and procedures uphold standards by providing us with advice and other support. For example, they might help us
  • confirm applications to join the Register;
  • quality assure the Registers;
  • monitor approved programmes;
  • oversee approved course applications;
  • apply and promote our Code of Conduct;
  • manage a complaint;
  • promote registration; and
  • improve our registration system.

If you are interested in becoming a professional standards adviser, please contact us.

Our professional standards advisers

  • Akbar Sikder
  • Anne Marie Graham
  • Chance Walton-Ashmore
  • Christopher Stone
  • Clive Mason
  • Elvire Roberts
  • Frances Lewin
  • Frank Harrington
  • Helen Fuller
  • Ilan Dwek
  • Jayne Oakes
  • Jean Gough
  • John Emery
  • Julie Price
  • Lynn Delfosse
  • Robert Adam
  • Sarah Bown
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Shirley Farthing
  • Trudy Field

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