Complaint references: CR29

7th Oct 2018

Professional Discipline Sign Language Interpreter
Date Complaint Received 07/10/2018
Date Complaint Closed 19/03/2019 (NRCPD monitoring, around compliance to warning issued, continued after complaint was closed)
Origin of Complaint Service user
Registered or Trainee Trainee
Nature of Complaint Complainant raised concerns around a breach of confidentiality. It was alleged that the Registrant disclosed specific information relating to another deaf service user to this Complainant.
Summary Investigation conducted into potential breach of Section 2.1 of NRCPD's Code of Conduct.
Outcome The Case Examiners decided based on the evidence provided, that there was a realistic prospect of finding an impairment of fitness to practise, but that it was not in the public interest to refer the case to a Complaints Committee.

The Case Examiners decided in this case that: -

1. The complaint should be kept on the Registrants' Registration file for 12 months. If another complaint was made during this 12 month period, then this complaint could be reconsidered.

2. The Registrant should meet with a mentor/supervisor to discuss and reflect on the issues raised within the complaint and provide NRCPD with evidence that this requirement has been satisfied.

3 . It was recommended that the Complainant and Registrant meet to discuss what happened - this was a recommendation only and was down to the parties to decide if they felt this was appropriate.

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