Complaint references: CR32

18th Jun 2019

Professional Discipline Sign Language Interpreter
Date Complaint Received 18/06/2019
Date Complaint Closed 15/08/2019
Origin of Complaint Registered Sign Language Interpreter
Registered or Trainee Trainee at the time of the Complaint, Registrant when it concluded.
Nature of Complaint Complainant raised concerns around the Trainee's competence, ability and suitability for an assignment which involved Social Services and concerns around children. Allegations included that the Trainee struggled with the BSL to English voiceover, did not make clear sentences and was so far behind at times there was a risk information was missed or incorrect.
Summary Investigation conducted into potential breach of Section 1.3, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 of NRCPD's Code of Conduct.
Outcome Case Examiners decided based on the evidence provided, that there was a realistic prospect of finding an impairment of fitness to practise, but that it was not in the public interest to refer the case to a Complaints Committee.

The Case Examiners did offer advice and a suggestion to the Registrant (Registrant at the time the case concluded) around the benefits of undertaking some co-worker training. NRCPD also advised the Registrant to be cautious around accepting assignments of a Legal/Child Protection nature, given the recent qualification from Trainee to Registrant.

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