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NRCPD exists to protect the public by regulating communication and language professionals who work with deaf and deafblind people.

We hold Registers of interpreters for deafblind people, lipspeakers, notetakers, sign language interpreters, sign language translators and speech to text reporters.

We are currently a voluntary regulator, but we want communication and language professionals to be regulated by law. For more information, read our statement of regulatory intent.

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The NRCPD Commitment to tackle Racism, Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment in the conduct of professionals.

NRCPD is determined that we do everything we can to tackle all forms of racism, discrimination, bullying and harassment in registrants' professional conduct so we can maintain public trust and confidence in the professions we regulate.

NRCPD Video Relay Service with SignVideo

Anyone can now get in touch with NRCPD using British Sign Language (BSL). We provide instant access to a Registered British Sign Language Interpreter through SignVideo's Video Relay Service (VRS). This service is free for you to use, as well as being simple, fast and secure.