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The NRCPD is the national regulator of over 1,600 language service professionals including British Sign Language/English Interpreters and Translators, Lipspeakers, Notetakers, Speech to Text Reporters and Interpreters for Deafblind People.

Our primary purpose is to protect Deaf and hard of hearing people and maintain public confidence in language services across the UK. To achieve this, we register language service professionals and set the minimum standards for them, investigate complaints about their fitness to practise, and work to ensure the quality of language services nationally.

NRCPD Updates

Beware of scams

We have recently become aware of a phishing email having been sent out by someone trying to impersonate an NRCPD registered language service professional.

Key Worker and Covid-19 Vaccine

In the current tightened Covid-19 lockdown measures, we recognise that some registrants are finding...