Your questions about statutory regulation

04 February 2016

We have added more questions and answers to our web page about statutory regulation following feedback from deaf and deafblind people, Registrants and regulated Trainees.

We have been gathering comments, suggestions and questions since November, when we published our statement of intent to seek statutory regulation of communication and language professionals.

As well as open meetings in Edinburgh, London and Manchester, we have attended local meetings of Registrants and regulated Trainees and annual general meetings of the professional associations. Some people have also contacted us directly with their queries and comments.

Sandra Verkuyten OBE, Chair of NRCPD, said: "Thank you to everyone who has already told us what they think about our plans for statutory regulation. Your thoughts will help us form our strategy for the next two or three years.

"An issue people raised frequently was our relationship with Signature. It is something we are working on at the moment, and I will soon be able to make an announcement about changes that will give NRCPD independence.

"In the meantime, I want to reassure everyone that this is only the beginning of the consultation process. The next stage is to publish a timetable of action, which we will do by the summer.

"We will ask everyone who might be affected what they think of our plans, and work with them to make NRCPD an effective and up to date regulator."

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