New Board members

08 October 2018

We are pleased to announce we have appointed three Board members following a recruitment process in August.

Lisa Cordaro has been appointed as the fourth Registrant Board member. Lisa is a Registered Speech to Text Reporter and is new to the Board. Lisa has many years experience as a STTR and is the owner of Stellar Comms. Lisa will serve a four year term from October 2018.

Alan Lees FCA has been appointed as Honorary Treasurer and is new to the Board. Alan is a Chartered Accountant and comes with extensive experience in national accountancy firms, including Grant Thornton, working with public and third sector clients. He is the MD of shared services consortium Kingston City Group. Alan will serve a 4 year term from October 2018.

Frank Harrington RSLI has been reappointed and will serve another 4 years term from September 2018.

The trustees were appointed based on their skills and experience, and in particular their strategic vision and their commitment to the long term aims for NRCPD. Liz Duncan, Chair of NRCPD said about the appointments:

"We are delighted to have appointed an Honorary Treasurer and a Registered Speech to Text Reporter as Trustees. We are pleased to welcome Alan Lees and Lisa Cordaro to the Board, and to continue to benefit from the expertise of Frank Harrington. All three bring a great deal of directly relevant experience in their professional fields, and also offer wider knowledge and insights which strengthen the Board as we progress towards full independence. I'm greatly looking forward to working with them."

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