CPD Policy updates for NRCPD Registrants

20 April 2020

NRCPD are delighted to formally announce a newly improved CPD policy for you from November 2020. This update to the policy means that you have a lot more flexibility with your CPD, and comes after much planning and taking note of essential feedback, whilst working with key representatives from professional associations in the sector. Recommendations for improvement were put to the NRCPD Board in November 2019 and were subsequently approved.

The revamped CPD model replaces how you currently carry out CPD activities. Under the revised policy, NRCPD registrants (apart from regulated trainees) are still required to fulfill a minimum of 24 hours CPD activity annually, in order to renew. CPD activities will continue to be split into 'structured' and 'unstructured'.

We are also updating the online portal and refreshing the CPD Handbook in line with the improved policy. This will be published for everyone this summer to give you time to read and adjust, before November 2020 when the updates will be in effect.

Below is a summary of what you can expect to see from November 2020:

Changes to CPD Points:

  • You will be able to carry over 12 points to your next registration year (the current maximum is 5 points).
  • There will be no minimum requirement for the number of structured CPD points which is currently set at 12.

Certain CPD activities moving from unstructured to structured:

  • Observing other professionals practising and their preparation for this, as well as your first delivery of a training course can soon be counted as structured CPD.
  • Attendance at training courses, webinars, seminars and conferences that are aimed at professionals can soon be counted as structured CPD. This only applies if you are able to demonstrate how they contribute to your professional development. Under our current CPD Policy, only training courses related to your specific profession counts as structured CPD.

Adjustments to how you carry out CPD activities:

  • You will need to carry out a minimum of two CPD activities from the structured list, of which - both must be different types of structured CPD activity. For example, you could attend one training course and one session of professional supervision; or you could attend one conference and one webinar.
  • You will need to carry out a minimum of one CPD activity from the unstructured list.

You will also see:

Changes to the CPD handbook:

  • Revamped with considerable improvements to make it more streamlined, user-friendly and accessible.
  • Links to CPD providers and other helpful materials included in the new handbook.
  • We are currently looking into video tutorials so that it is made clear for you how to record CPD activity using the new system.

Changes to the online portal:

  • It will be obligatory to upload your CPD evidence to the portal - this is currently optional. It is advised to start uploading your CPD evidence to the portal from now, as it will make the transition to the updated CPD policy easier. This also will streamline the process for when we audit your CPD.
  • When recording CPD activity on the portal, you will be required to enter what you have learned for each activity, and how this learning will be put into practice. Additional fields will be added to the online portal for CPD to support you in doing this.
  • New activities added to the structured and unstructured CPD activity lists. Activities such as creating a professional development plan, glossary/dictionary work and preparation for an assignment if working in a new domain for the first time, will be added to the list for unstructured CPD activities.

NRCPD will keep you updated over the coming months as we plan and finalise the new CPD handbook, and as we implement the eagerly anticipated changes to the online portal. We will be testing the changes to the portal before the improved CPD policy goes into effect this November and you will be kept updated on this too. The updated handbook will be emailed to you and published on the NRCPD website this summer.

We are delighted about this exciting development and we hope you are looking forward to it as well.

With thanks,


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