Language Services Update from UK Police Forces

11 January 2021

The Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police has issued clarification by letter on behalf of all UK police forces that Registered Sign Language Interpreters supporting police forces across the UK have a lawful reason to travel to and from work. NRCPD has had further confirmation that this letter also applies to other NRCPD-registered language service professionals required to attend in-person for assignments with police forces.

In the next few days, NRCPD will be issuing standard letters that NRCPD registered language service professionals can use with employers and other organisations to seek key worker status and be supported for early inclusion in Covid-19 vaccination programs. We will welcome feedback on these and your experience of putting them to use and of any further assistance that would be of value to you in meeting your professional commitments at this time.

Thank you for your continuing to deliver high quality language service provision throughout this public health crisis too.

With thanks,

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