Beware of scams

26 January 2021

We have recently become aware of a phishing email having been sent out by someone trying to impersonate an NRCPD registered language service professional. The purpose of phishing emails may be to get money from you but also to gather information that fraudsters can use in further scams (for example copying the style of your emails). The email was of a friendly, chatty tone requesting cash loan and other financial support. The email included information and style settings that suggest they have seen emails previously sent by the person being impersonated or similar professionals. The email address used was similar to the person's actual email so at a glance it might be difficult to spot that they are not genuine, but tell-tale signs of unusual grammar and use of fully capitalised words for emphasis were evident but only with a closer look. We recommend you are extremely vigilant for such emails, always be sure the person you are communicating with is who they say they are; and take every care you can with the safety of your own information. Be especially suspicious of any email asking for or promising money.

If you have been targeted in this way or have become a victim of such scams then you should call Action Fraud on: 0300 123 2040.

If you receive an email or text message from someone claiming to be a NRCPD registered language service professional that seems suspicious, please check their details such as the email address or mobile number (for example) against the professional's public information on NRCPD registers. NRCPD will never give out information that you have not chosen to be visible via the register search.

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