ID Badge Photographs on NRCPD Website

29 April 2021

Dear Registrants and Regulated Trainees,

In Autumn 2019, we announced that we were updating the way our IT systems work to support internal processes and part of these updates involved you being able to upload a photograph for your ID badge to your online NRCPD portal. We are emailing to let you know that you now have the option to have this photograph made public on the NRCPD website.

The reason being is that it is beneficial for service users and the public to be able to put a face to a name with who they have booked for their appointments. There is also a safety aspect to this so that service users know who to expect in advance of their booking.

However, this change to the website will not be made mandatory for reasons pertaining to data protection and for those who would prefer for their ID Badge photographs to not be public, however we would encourage you to do so, as it will reassure service users who book you for language services.

The photograph that you can choose to make public on the online NRCPD registers will be the same as the photograph that is currently on your NRCPD ID badges.

For instructions on how to opt in to displaying your photograph on your public profile, you need to:

  • Log onto your portal
  • Click 'My Information'
  • Tick the box: 'Display photo on public Profile'
  • Scroll to the bottom and click 'Save Contact Profile'

You photograph will not be displayed unless you choose to display it. You can also change your mind about displaying your photograph at any time.

If you would like to update the photograph on your ID Badge, you can do this free of charge if done in line with your registration renewal. Please let us know via email at: Alternatively, for a £25 administrative fee, you can request a replacement ID badge.

With thanks,

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