2020 Concerns and Complaints Summary

26 August 2021

Dear Registrants and Regulated Trainees,

We have published a document of our work around Concerns and Complaints during 2020. The aim of this is to encourage you to improve your own practice by understanding the practise issues that concerns and complaints arise from.

This document includes:

  • An introduction outlining the purpose of the document and an overview of our Concerns and Complaints procedures.
  • Common issues arising from Concerns and Complaints.
  • 2020 statistics on Concerns and Complaints, and the outcomes of these.

You can find the document at this link here: https://www.nrcpd.org.uk/documents/complaints/complaints-summary-2020.pdf

For a BSL Translation of the document, please see: https://www.nrcpd.org.uk/concerns-complaints-summary-2020

We intend to publish this each year going forwards so that you are fully informed of the practice issues that typically lead to a concern or a complaint about a NRCPD registered language service professional.

With thanks,


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