Criminal Record Disclosures for Registration Applicants

28 January 2013

The Criminal Records Bureau for England and Wales has merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). In Scotland the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme is fully up and running. Some of you have told us you are experiencing difficulties in securing the paperwork required to register.

We have looked into the issue. DBS and Access NI tell us there is no change to their procedures. Disclosure Scotland has been clear that under current Scottish Law NRCPD is not allowed to request sight of disclosure certificates from registration applicants based in Scotland.

With legal advice the board has decided to implement from 28 January 2013 a temporary suspension of the criminal record disclosure requirement for registration applicants based in Scotland.

Our priority is to develop a replacement system for disclosing relevant information that complies with all current UK legislation. We plan to consult members of the Practitioners' Forum in February and have the new system agreed at the board meeting in March for implementation no later than 01 April 2013.

Please contact Angela on 0191 383 7923 for details of how to complete the application process if you are affected.

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