New Registered Sign Language Interpreters in Scotland

15 February 2013

We are really pleased to welcome 21 BSL/English Interpreters from Scotland on to the Register of Sign Language Interpreters.

These candidates undertook professional practice assessments in January having applied under the one-off scheme made available to graduates of previous Heriot-Watt University programmes. A panel of NRCPD Professional Standards Advisors assessed applicants at interviews held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth. Each applicant gave the panel details of the professional development they had undertaken since graduating and their critical professional thinking and language proficiency were tested with discussion of practice situations. The interviews were video-recorded and reviewed before a final decision on each applicant was reached.

17 of the applicants are accepted as full RSLI and will carry a yellow Sign Safe badge. To maintain their Registered status, eight of those have specific development points they must address as CPD over either one or two years, as specified by the panel. Four applicants have been granted Registration with practice restrictions that will be lifted on successful completion of a professional development plan. Progress toward the goals of that development plan will be monitored by our Professional Standards Advisors. These individuals have a maximum of four years in which to achieve the standard required for Registered Status.

NRCPD Chair, Huw Vaughan Thomas, said "I'm pleased to welcome these communication professionals to the Register. It means they and their clients will benefit from the same regulatory structures already enjoyed by many in Scotland and throughout the UK."

We are grateful to colleagues at Heriot-Watt, the Scottish Government, and SASLI for their support and contributions on this issue. This solution brings clarity and an end to several years of uncertainty for Sign Language Interpreters and the people who rely on their services.

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