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05 February 2014

We apologise that we initially stated that this survey was carried out by Our Health in Your Hands, which NRCPD is involved with. This was a genuine error, the survey is in fact being carried out by the ACE Group.

The news item below has been amended accordingly.

A number of organisations, as part of the ACE group, are looking at understanding the supply and demand of communication support within the UK. This includes sign language interpreters, speech-to-text reporters, lipspeakers, notetakers, deafblind interpreters, sign language translators and anyone who provides communication support to people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

This is their first annual survey. With your help it will give them a "snapshot" of 24 hours in the world of communication support professionals in the UK.

They would like to collect information on what you were doing today, Wednesday 5 February.

Over the years this data will build and help them identify trends that will help to influence policy and Government investment. It will also help to raise awareness of the vital role of the communication professional.

Any information provided is collected anonymously and the annual report will be in the public domain for use by all interested parties.

Please help them by completing the survey as accurately as possible and only once, even if you receive multiple requests from a range of stakeholders.

Closing date is Wednesday 5 March.

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