First CPD audit completed

16 May 2014

The first CPD audit is now complete. Thank you to those who were chosen for audit for providing your CPD files in a timely manner. Your co-operation in this important exercise has been invaluable. The audit panel met last week and we will soon have their report. We will give you a further update on the outcomes of the audit when we receive the report.

The CPD audit panel identified the need for us to clarify our position on recording travel time as part of the CPD hours that you log.

Our requirement is that you record the actual number of hours of CPD activities that you undertook on your online renewal application. You should not include the time it took you to travel to attend a course etc.

As there appears to have been some confusion about this, we won't penalise you if you have already recorded a minimum amount of travel time on your revalidation account. With effect from 1 June 2014 this will no longer be accepted.

You can find further information about CPD on the Revalidation page of the NRCPD website.

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