Registration Service Delivery During COVID-19

26 March 2020

We live in unprecedented and rapidly changing times with the COVID-19 pandemic and we wanted to reassure you of the delivery of the NRCPD registration service you all expect and deserve. Our top priority is continued registration of our Registrants, so that we can continue our public protection duty towards d/Deaf and Deafblind people, by maintaining the usual high standards of professional practise. This is a really challenging time for all and NRCPD recognise that many professionals and clients will be anxious for their livelihoods and language support respectively. We urge everyone to follow the national guidelines on stopping the spread of the virus - minimising travel, working safely, handwashing, social distancing and self-isolation, so the country's normal business can be restored as soon as is possible.

NRCPD continues to operate pretty much as normal albeit the office is closed and we are working from home and that brings some adjustments. All our systems are online or cloud-based, so you should see no change to registration processes - please do log in to your registration portal account for all your routine registration needs. We will print badges once a week, so this will mean waiting a few days longer for your new badge, but they will be sent out as normal. Adjustments are being made around how phonecalls are taken and we apologise if you can't get through to someone at NRCPD. It is best to email us via and we will get back to you, or you can get in touch via our social media channels. There may be small delays when responding to your enquiries, but rest assured, we are doing everything we can to minimise this.

We continue our regular meetings via video conferencing instead of face-to-face, including Trustees meetings. Complaints processes continue in the normal way with the exception of Committee hearings which we cannot schedule at the moment - we sincerely regret this unavoidable delay.

We know that you, agencies and other organisations are having to adjust from normal procedures and we will be announcing soon how we will accommodate that where it affects registration. We know that some have questions about CPD and worries about registration fees and we will also be announcing measures to further alleviate those pressures soon and in light of the Chancellor's statement later today. We put our evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on support for the self-employed and have been closely involved in the 'Where's The Interpreter' initiative alongside our partners in the sector to improve access to COVID-19 national announcements for d/Deaf and Deafblind people. We will continue pushing on those issues and keep you updated.

In the meantime, from everyone at NRCPD, we hope you, your family and colleagues all keep safe and we will continue to update you via email, website and social media as the situation progresses.

You can count on our continued support during this difficult time and in the years ahead.


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