Improved CPD Policy from November 2020.

01 June 2020

Dear Registrant and Regulated Trainee,

NRCPD emailed you in April to formally announce an improved CPD policy for you from November 2020. This update to the policy means that you will have more flexibility with your CPD. You will see changes such as certain CPD activities moving from unstructured to structured, and adjustments to CPD points such as being able to carry over more points. This is currently optional, but from November it will be obligatory to upload your CPD evidence to the portal. It is advised to start uploading your CPD evidence to the portal from now as this will make the transition to the updated CPD policy and will streamline the process for when we audit your CPD. For further information about the changes to the CPD policy, please see:

Our improvements will require alterations to the online portal and we are currently planning the implementation for this. At the moment, we are drafting a new CPD handbook which will be published on the NRCPD website and emailed to all NRCPD registrants this August, to give you time to read and adjust before November 2020, when all changes will be in effect.

We will keep you updated over the coming months as we finalise the new CPD handbook, and as we test and implement the changes to the portal. Please get in touch via if you have any queries regarding the improvements to our CPD policy.

With thanks,


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