Autumn 2020 Newsletter.

18 November 2020

We hope you have been keeping safe as the crisis period continues. There's been a lot going on at NRCPD since the last newsletter, and we have some updates for you.

Earlier this year, we announced an improved CPD policy which will be in place in November (for further detail, please see: We have finished testing the portal and will let you know more just before the new policy goes live. In August, we published the new CPD handbook to give you time to read and adjust before the new CPD policy is in effect. The handbook explains how the policy will be implemented from November 2020 - please read Page 25 and let us know as soon as possible if you would like to 'opt in' before your next renewal: We can also email you a print-friendly version of the CPD handbook - please let us know if you require this. The CPD Audit will take place in late November, and we have now written to everyone who has been selected.

Over the summer, we had our first livestream on Facebook about the Concerns and Complaints Process to raise awareness of this with the public, and this was successful in reaching many. We also launched our 2020 Registrant Survey in August and are currently working through your responses and will publish the results on our website before the end of the year. We also recently attended ASLI's 'Definitely Not A Conference' and discussed 'healthy professions' for British Sign Language/English Interpreters and Translators, and our regulatory function.

We are working on a new registration route for Relay Interpreters and this is progressing well. We will keep you updated on this also. In the Spring, we began the process of recruiting additional lay trustees to join the NRCPD Board but due to the COVID-19 crisis, this was put on hold. We have been able to pick this up and have finished interviewing potential candidates. We will let you know who our two new lay trustees are soon. Our planned outreach events also remain cancelled or postponed until further notice. We still plan to issue a revised outreach program as soon as conditions allow, however.

The NRCPD Complaints Process review began at the end of last year and we have now consolidated all the material we have and have invited contributions from other relevant organisations. There is much detail to work through, but we hope to conclude this review before the end of 2020. In June, we also announced our intention to make changes to the NRCPD Code of Conduct as part of our commitment to tackling racism, discrimination, bullying and harassment in the conduct of professionals and this is part of the Complaints Process review. For further detail, please see:

The temporary measures for anyone finding it hard to pay their registration fees as a result of Covid-19 remain in place. You can still register or renew with NRCPD for just 6 months, and our payment terms continue to be extended to 60 days. If you miss the payment terms for your registration, we will email you 60 and 90 day letters as a reminder. These letters come from YourValued and are legitimate emails about your renewals. If you are struggling financially and these measures do not help you, then please get in touch with us. You can also view and pay your invoices via the portal. All registrants continue to receive 1 Structured CPD credit per month to your online CPD records too. We are also looking into introducing a quarterly instalments scheme for registering and renewing and there will be more details about this next year.

If you have any questions at all about the above, please get in touch with us at:

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