Autumn 2021 Newsletter

10 November 2021

Dear Registrants and Regulated Trainees,

It's been a little while since we last published a newsletter for you and we hope you have been keeping well in the meantime.

We have had some changes within the NRCPD team to increase capacity. We recently appointed Theresa Thomas-Morton as our Practice Policy Officer and Kathryn Wilson as our new Case Administration Officer and they have both settled in well. You can find out more about Theresa and Kathryn here: Terri Haggarty is still with us as a Case Administration Officer, but only works Wednesdays.

In July, we announced that we had reached the highest ever number of professionals on the NRCPD registers nationally (1,657) and this number continued to grow across the summer with 1,665 NRCPD registered professionals at the end of October. It won't be long before we reach 1,700!

As part of our strategic aim to develop the professions, we are reviewing the availability of core practice guidance and published a Practice Guidance Survey in October 2021 to give you the opportunity to tell us your views on the guidance that is available for you. A huge thanks to all those who took part - we will publish a summary of the survey results in due course.

Back in February 2021, we expanded our Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) and Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI) categories to include the new specialism 'Relay-Intralingual'. In October 2021, we welcomed our first ever Trainee Sign Language Interpreters in the 'Relay-Intralingual' category and are looking forward to welcoming even more professionals. For further information, please see:

The portal was updated in April 2021 so that all registrants and regulated trainees have the option to have the photograph for their ID badges made public on the NRCPD website. If you have not yet done this and wish to make your photograph public, please see:

In August, we published a summary of the Concerns and Complaints that we dealt with in 2020 and emailed this to you to encourage you to improve your own practice by understanding the practice issues that concerns and complaints arise from. If you have not yet seen this document, please see: A summary report will be produced annually to assist with developing practice quality.

On other matters, our Registration Services Manager Kate Price delivered a webinar in September with ASLI's Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN) to discuss CPD requirements for NRCPD registration. We also took part in the NHS's Rapid Review of BSL/English Interpreting Commissioning Arrangements, ASLI's SLTI Census meetings and are a member of the coordinating group for the BSL Act Now! campaign with other organisations in the sector, as well as presenting at Deafblind UK's first ever virtual convention. We also held joint initiatives with RNID and Cambridgeshire Deaf Association for awareness raising of NRCPD and collaborated with Interpreters of Colour Network for Black History Month.

Earlier this year, we became aware of someone using the NRCPD registers to contact registrants and regulated trainees for donations towards their deaf mother's cancer treatment. It appeared to be a scam and we would advise registrants and regulated trainees to be vigilant when receiving emails of this nature.

Lastly, all Registrants and Regulated Trainees must have either a valid, standard DBS, or Access NI certificate, or be a member of the PVG scheme in Scotland. It is essential you keep this up-to-date and that your certificate is less than three years old. If you are experiencing any issues obtaining a first or new disclosure check, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with us at:

With many thanks,

"New terp on the block" - a discussion for early career professionals.

RSLIs Ryan McLean and Victoria Midgley are running a session under VLP's CPD programme. The session "New terp on the block - a discussion for early career professionals", will be taking place remotely on 9th March 2022.

In preparation for this session, Ryan and Victoria are carrying out some research to collate data which will support their session. They have previously distributed a survey amongst student and trainee interpreters. They have since collated this data and generated a second survey, specifically aimed at qualified and experienced interpreters with RSLI status.

If you do have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan and Victoria at: and

Signature: Careers Page

Signature is looking to reform their careers page to create a new and interactive careers experience to encourage more people to consider a career in British Sign Language and deaf communication. Their plan is to include real life experiences from qualified professionals in the field who can offer an in-depth insight into what each job entails. To create these profiles, they want to conduct and record (remote) interviews with professionals on the NRCPD registers to share on their careers page. If you are interested in taking part, please drop Ellie Foster an email at:

INforMHAA Project Survey

The Interpreting for Mental Health Act Assessments (INForMHAA) is a project investigating spoken and signed language interpreter mediation in Mental Health Act Assessments with the goal of improving the assessment process for the person and professionals.

As a first stage in the project, they are inviting interpreters with and without experience of MHAAs / AMHPs and AMHP educators in England to complete a (20-minute) survey about their experiences and training.

You can find more information and a link to the survey which is available in both BSL and English here:

Registration Fees: Ways To Pay

When you renew or upgrade your registration, your invoice will be sent to you via email immediately. The invoice will also appear within your portal account and you can pay directly from there by credit or debit card. We would be grateful if you would avoid using American Express or other non-UK/EU bank cards because these incur a charge more than twice that of UK cards. We also accept payment by BACS (bank transfer) which some of you prefer and it is better for us too as there are no transaction charges. Our bank details for BACS payments are listed on your invoices too. This is available within most online or app-based banking services. Whichever method you choose to pay your registration fees, please remember to include your invoice number as part of the payment reference.

If you miss the payment terms for your registration, we will email you 60 and 90 day letters as a reminder. These letters come from YourValued and are legitimate emails about your renewals. These emails from YourValued may sometimes end up in your junk folders, so please check your junk folders too.

Register Numbers

On the NRCPD Registers as of the end of October 2021, we have:

Registered Sign Language Interpreters: 1318

Regulated Trainee Sign Language Interpreters: 243

Registered Sign Language Translators: 25

Regulated Trainee Sign Language Translators: 7

Lipspeakers: 54

Speech to Text Reporters: 30

Electronic Notetakers: 7

Manual Notetakers: 3

Interpreters for Deafblind People: 13

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